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Balance Protocol PRIME

Program Details: FREE

Balance Protocol PRIME course provides a complete walkthrough and training of all the principles, tenets and methods of Balance Protocol as well as sets the foundation for all other programs.

Balance Protocol ENVIRO

Program Details: PAID

Balance Protocol ENVIRO 2.0 covers the first of eight keys of Balance Protocol to empower you with all the strategies and methods to optimize your environment. These environmental inputs include AIR, WATER, LIGHT, SOUND, EMF & FOOD.

Balance Protocol GASTRO

Balance Protocol NEURO

Balance Protocol IMMUNO


Balance Protocol GPS

Program Details:

This program includes labs that will identify the underlying balances in your health. It also includes a consultation with an individualized diet, based on your specific data, with a Balance Protocol Certified Practitioner.



Balance Protocol Medical Center is the premier provider of high-end, on-demand, and personalized medical care in Central Florida & throughout the United States.


Balance Protocol is a whole-systems wellness approach that enables you to understand how your own unique biochemistry interacts with your environment, lifestyle, mindset and nutrition to hold the keys of achieving ultimate well-being. This method was developed by Dr. Anthony G. Beck, who has dedicated his life to empowering individuals with knowledge that not only identifies, but also addresses the true root causes of illness.

Founded on extensive clinical research and experience, Balance Protocol empowers you with knowledge, systems and strategies to take solid corrective action in your life. It reveals exactly how your biochemical individuality and genetic uniqueness sets you apart from every other human being. You’ll learn that, by embracing yourself as a category of one you possess the ability to rid yourself of whatever it is that’s preventing you from living a happy, healthy, and full life.

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